Exercising your puppy

How to exercise your puppy

Exercising your puppy

Trying to determine ways of how to keep your puppy active can be a challenge. Though it can be difficult to follow, implementing an exercise plan for your puppy is a must in order for proper development. Physical activity is important to help your puppy develop healthy muscle, bones, and joints.

We have put together a list below that can help you foster a healthy development in your puppy.


  1. Play!

Puppies love to play, and they will get a good workout in any form of play that you do with them.  Playing with your puppy will not only give your puppy exercise, but it will also help to build a bond between you and your puppy as well as helping him to learn what to focus on when you are out and about... YOU! 


  1. Organize a Play Date

Planning a meet up with a well-matched gentle playmate can help avoid the risks that can also come with dog parks while allowing you to meet up in a controlled environment. This type of interaction is maybe one of the best ways to exercise your puppy, as it is the most natural and effective way to allow your puppy to stay active while also socializing him with other dogs.


  1. Walks

While long walks might be a challenge, short walks around the yard or outside on a leash are a great way to introduce your puppy to walking, while also allowing him to sniff and explore at his own pace.  You can combine short training sessions in your walks to work on heeling/loose leash walking, and other great manners.


  1. Bones

Providing your puppy with raw bones is a great way to provide mental stimulation as well as a physical stimulation from chewing. Giving your puppy a bone to chew will also fulfill his desire and need to chew, and give him something other than your shoe to chew! Chewing bones also helps puppies to strengthen their jaw and neck muscles, which is important for development and future orthopedic health. Natural chews are great for improving and maintaining dental health, helping your puppy keep a clean mouth.


All in all, your puppy needs to exercise to have proper development, the best thing you can do is let your puppy lead you in what they'd like to do. So get to know your puppy find what they love and get them thinking and moving for a happier healthier life.